Thursday, 3 January 2008

The new day will dawn

Sunday 23 Dec 2007
Vision of an African plain just before dawn ......... everything silent, almost of holding a collective breath in anticipation of the dawn.  The sky was clear and on the horizon was the hint of a spectacular sunrise. I felt such an intense peace with a sense that everything (trees, animals, humans) was bowed in anticipation of the dawn.

In my spirit I heard the whisper "The new day is dawning"

The picture, rather rudely and suddenly, switched to an air-force base runway, again it was dawn and my eyes were drawn to the tail end of a fighter jet (I could only see the rear end of it) and suddenly the engine roared into life and the flames and heat came out from the back.  I had the sense that the fighter jet was being revved in anticipation of 'take-off'  - very like the jets that take off from the ships - they rev like mad then almost catapult off the ship.


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