Sunday, 10 January 2010

The waiting is over

It’s so easy to rely on others to hear from God and perhaps we feel that they are cleverer than we are or that they are super spiritual in one way or another - often framed in “church” language they seem to say it just right and articulate what they hear from the Father in a clever way. I believe that God speaks to everyone who will listen.

I digress: Today - we listened and we heard (a motley crowd who gather as a community church is SE London):

  • Genesis 21:1 (NIV) “Now the Lord was gracious to Sarah as he had said, and the Lord did to Sarah What he has promised.” (Sarah gave birth to a baby boy …….. She was well past child bearing age (BTW - no surgical intervention or fertility treatment!)
  • The waiting is over - we are out of the "delivery room" - out of the waiting room. All God wants is people to make themselves available to take care of His business - ‘cause if we take care of His business (telling others about His son, Christ Jesus) - He’ll take care of our business (sickness, restoration, shame, guilt, families - dare I use the "S" word etc). This is going to be an amazing year!
  •  Just ONE touch from Christ Jesus …….. Changes EVERYTHING!
The choice is yours - accept this and believe that the living God of all creation can and will change everything. That He has a plan and purpose for you and just one touch from Christ can bring about changes to your life that defies all logic and restrictions of human existence. I believe - because He touched me and compteley changed my outlook on life.

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