Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Just do it!

I saw in the Spirit the pool of Bethesda being stirred by the hand of God and had this explanation from the Holy Spirit:  We, the church,  have been sitting at our own personal pool of Bethesda - sitting like 'lame-ducks' waiting for something to happen (grief, lameness, self pity, blame, weakness, dissolutionment, loss of faith , doctrinal shrines, traditions, rituals etc etc). [This has not necessaraly been a bad thing - but it is about to change]  The focus has been on the expected conventional source of  miracles (the pool at which we sit) - whereas, our focus must be on Christ - the answer s/miracles /change will come when we see ourselves as Christ sees us - whole!

Even when Jesus shows up with the question - "would you be made whole?" - we respond like the man at the pool either with that hint of self pity (no-one to tip him in / lack of resources) and almost with the expectation that Jesus himself will push us into the water (mind set of conventional methods) when in fact He offers us a completely different way out.

Application:  Church to see itself as 'whole' - functional as Bride of Christ and to get up and go from the position of wholeness.  Just do it!

Two weeks back - Gideon army arising.  Basically - numbers are being whittled down to core of troops who's faith is not tamed or refined by convention (lapping of water).  Leaders, like Gideon, to have three weapons - the word of God (lights), the spirit (sword) and praise (shouts).  These weapons are the only weapons that will bring about confusion in the enemy camp and allow this army to take territory.  The battle is the Lord's.

Application:  encourage the release of faith (just do it!) - encourage old fashioned bible study and training on how to work with the Holy Spirit and fight with Him

Monday, 16 July 2007

River of life: watershed

I had a  vision during our house-group meeting and saw the river of life starting to flow.  The vision had me high up in the mountains at the 'watershed' where the water starts to flow out of the rock.  I was very high up and could see this amazing vista of rugged snow topped mountains  .... the flow at first was a small crystal clear stream and I could see that it was starting to move down into the valley below.  The valley was devoid of any vegetation - only shale and rocks - but as the stream flowed into the valley - it started to broaden and spread into a river.  I moved down the valley and stood near the water and a rider brought his horse to drink at the river edge - I did not see the rider - but the horse was huge and had a reddish, tasselled covering on it (similar to that of the knights - but this was more eastern/Persian in nature).

The other thing the Lord has led me to in my time with Him is the thing about seven's - at first it was Leviticus 8 (the preparation of the priest) with the final verses saying that they are to remain for 7 days before they get to do the priestly things.  This past weekend - heard two sermons (literally from different places on the planet) about the 7 of Elijah (servant looking for the cloud) and the 7 of Naaman (dipped in river for leprosy)


Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Consolidation and preparation

Over the last couple of weeks I've been pondering about the new season for our church - this in view of us entering into the final days of the word spoken over us last year - in my spirit I've had this impression that we are 'between places' spiritually  - I do believe that the three visions I had are Gods intention (release of the Spirit of truth to dismantle anything that is not of God and to bring about the harvest) - but what's been bothering me is the time between then and now - i.e. what are we as believers meant to be doing!  The words 'prepare ye the way of the Lord' keeps resounding in my head.

Yesterday I was woken up at 2:21 am with a sense that God was telling me to pay attention - that something was about to be released.  What has been stirring in my spirit is that this season (and I also sense it will be a short season) is one of consolidation and preparation.

Consolidation - to build an alter of sacrificial praise and worship (to take ownership through Christ) of the fields that have been ploughed, the seeds that have been sown and the wells that have been dug in this preceding season - also to consolidate the gifts of individuals within our church that have 'risen' in this season.  Its almost as if we have to post guards to protect the fields, seeds and wells.

Preparation - on the one hand its about understanding the covenant God has made with us as this defines who we are in Christ - this is the foundation of our inheritance and authority as believers and on the other hand to prepare the tools (armoury) for battle.  These are the spiritual tools of worship, intercession, discernment, fasting, prayer and then the 'clothing & accessories' of breastplate, helmet, shield and sword.

I've been doing a 'bit' study of Esther - she had quite a bit of time of indulgent preparation in the palace precinct, then three days of prayer and fasting before she made her first brave move - then her first dinner - and then her second dinner and her moment of destiny - which as we know has lasted since then.

On a very practical note - I do sense that we have to prepare our hearts and structures to receive, equip and educate new believers in Christ.


Monday, 29 January 2007

Aim for the mountain

God has laid on my heart through scripture since late last year (2006) and the beginning of this year continual words of shaking, fire and judgement – so much so that I reverted to using a ‘daily Bible reading’ guide for a while – but the Lord kept bringing me back to it.  What concerned me was the paradox in all scripture I have been led to in this period – the swing from being on Gods Mountain in safety, prayers being answered – with an abundance of blessing to the wrath and judgement of the Lord – this is very clear in Hebrews 12 and Isaiah 30 verses 27 to 30.

November – Hebrews 12:14 to 28

Mountain of Zion, Voice of God and shaking – so that what cannot be shaken may remain and worship of God acceptably – with reverence and awe.

January 2007 – Isaiah 30: 15 to 33

Initially confirmed the path of repentance, rest and quietness – that my strength & joy lay in this.  The reference to the land of plenty confirmed the move into my inheritance and the verses about the rain

January 2007 – evening of waiting on the Lord at my place

In prayer I was taken down a stair well – also with me were the members of the group as well – after a few turns going down this stair well I started to hear thundering water – it was almost deafening – we stood at he bottom of the stair well and the waters started to rise very slowly.

What shouted into my spirit on Saturday (and has been niggling at me since then is POSITIONING – its been such that I now just have to get it off my chest – I have a sense of urgency about it).

God has taken my thoughts back to the word about Hezekiah He gave me in the summer (2 Chronicles 29 to 31) – I summarise in point form from the notes I made at this time:
  1. Open up the temple of God – I sense this is to open our hearts and minds to what God is going to do for believers (or the new church – as in the Bride of Christ)
  2. Cleansing – cleaning out the dross from our lives – I keep getting the sense that we have to ‘wash the world’ off us.  We have to ensure that we are not like the world in any shape or form.
  3. Consecration – accepting that the blood of Jesus has made us a royal priesthood and committing all we have back to God for His use – allowing Him into our lives in a new, sanctified way.
  4. Sacrifice – ties in with consecration – giving to God all that we are and have.
  5. Worship – getting back to the heart of worship – the word that God has emphasised in my heart is reverent worship – to start to acknowledge His sovereignty and His greatness.  To see Him, not just as our Father – but to look upon Him in AWE and WONDER as creator of hosts, healer, sanctifier. This worship to extend from the corporate worship into our private time with Him as well.

The results of Hezekiah’s reopening of the temple:

1.    Healing was released to the people and not just to the Israelites
2.    Blessings poured down upon them to such an extent that the entire community benefited from the return to worship. (verse 18 in chapter 31)  Everyone was included.

The verse that jumps out at me is verse 18 to 20 in chapter 30:  What comes to mind is that even though things were not done according to the ‘law’ – God still found it acceptable and healed the people – this speaks to me of Gods GRACE – that as long as we are committed to Him and worship Him – it is acceptable in His sight.  Apart from the grace of God upon the people – the celebration extended into extra time thus it became more than was expected.

This gives me the sense that its OK to do things differently as long as we underpin everything in Christ Jesus and the biblical precepts that are laid out for us as the road map.

The other key message I have received from the Lord also ties in with the word in Joshua about living and remaining in the promised land – the elements are quite simple:

  • Tithe
  • Keeping the Sabbath holy (for me this is to be a day of rest and relaxation with no economic activity), and
  • Refrain from worshipping the ‘other’ gods in the land
In conclusion – I sense that we will experience some sort of physical manifestation of Gods judgement, but I believe it will be in such a way that the world will see the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in a way that they will turn to Him – the key for us as believers is that we are to ensure that we are POSITIONED correctly to be able to withstand the ‘shaking’ and ‘fire’ – we have to aim for the top of the mountain so that we are ready to minister to the harvest that is being prepared.