Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Just do it!

I saw in the Spirit the pool of Bethesda being stirred by the hand of God and had this explanation from the Holy Spirit:  We, the church,  have been sitting at our own personal pool of Bethesda - sitting like 'lame-ducks' waiting for something to happen (grief, lameness, self pity, blame, weakness, dissolutionment, loss of faith , doctrinal shrines, traditions, rituals etc etc). [This has not necessaraly been a bad thing - but it is about to change]  The focus has been on the expected conventional source of  miracles (the pool at which we sit) - whereas, our focus must be on Christ - the answer s/miracles /change will come when we see ourselves as Christ sees us - whole!

Even when Jesus shows up with the question - "would you be made whole?" - we respond like the man at the pool either with that hint of self pity (no-one to tip him in / lack of resources) and almost with the expectation that Jesus himself will push us into the water (mind set of conventional methods) when in fact He offers us a completely different way out.

Application:  Church to see itself as 'whole' - functional as Bride of Christ and to get up and go from the position of wholeness.  Just do it!

Two weeks back - Gideon army arising.  Basically - numbers are being whittled down to core of troops who's faith is not tamed or refined by convention (lapping of water).  Leaders, like Gideon, to have three weapons - the word of God (lights), the spirit (sword) and praise (shouts).  These weapons are the only weapons that will bring about confusion in the enemy camp and allow this army to take territory.  The battle is the Lord's.

Application:  encourage the release of faith (just do it!) - encourage old fashioned bible study and training on how to work with the Holy Spirit and fight with Him