Friday, 7 November 2014

Struggle, equipping and victory on the streets

As the post writer I have to confess there is often an inner debate about undoubtedly divine happenings that cannot be explained in rational ways. The events churn over in your spirit while on the one side trying to make sense of it in your own life whereas on the other hand seeking the Father’s heart as to what He’s saying in and through this.

This post outlines things I still don’t really comprehend but feel the inner compulsion to write it up.  

What I do know is that in the here and now – this physical realm – this was a touch from heaven.

The events that took place are listed below but in two parts I believe this is what the Father is showing through this:

The formal church must move onto the streets and out of our buildings 

I have posted two similar messages in the past. One about the power of the prayer movement before the London Olympics in 2012 and also after the London riots. This post however gets more specific.

The Lord has assured that as we venture onto the streets in our neighbourhoods with the message of Christ:
  • He is right next to us - beside us ALL the time,
  • God is not restricted to areas and venues we feel safe with. God can show up anywhere and at any time - look to see HIM and look at the people we meet in a new way,
  • He will stand in solidarity with us and equip us for every task,
  • He will stand in power with us if we dare to believe,
  • Where we've been punching the air trying to breakthrough the glass ceilings will give way.

What are the promises?
The culmination of the sequence of events listed below was being led to Zachariah 3.  Apart from the Father answering some questions about the events - the notation in my bible made me take note of what I'd written 3 years ago and dated 7/7.
I believe as we enter the new day and we transition into the new season the following will unfold:
  1. New tasks: will be revealed possibly with a change in direction and a paradigm shift in thinking about "ministry" and doing "formal church",
  2. New personal understanding, gifting, knowledge and skill set to meet the tasks,
  3. New covering and clothing which I believe is the resourcing for the new task,
  4. New authority to ensure His will is done here on earth as it is in heaven,
  5. New boldness and courage - not to be afraid .... but indeed be happy! (Acts 18:9-10) says; "Now the Lord spoke to Paul in the night by a vision, "Do not be afraid, but speak, and do not keep silent; for I am with you, and no one will attack you to hurt you; for I have many people in this city."
I don't see this as an overly religious type of happening or even a "movement" - somehow this will be organic and not boxed or labeled within any particular denomination or church type but a gradual awakening of believers to engage with the "world" in their context. It appears to be about applied faith - faith in action in shops, high streets, workplaces, schools, parks, visiting neighours - day to day life.

Let’s get out there and show Christ to the world!

With love and blessings

The events leading up to writing this post

Thursday 26 June: In bed and trying to get to sleep suddenly felt my spirit sit bolt up-right and overcome by Holy Spirit in worship and tongues. Opened my eyes as sensed someone had come into my room - obviously no-one physical - but defo a heavenly presence.

Sunday 29 June: stranger (very drunk male) approached me as I was getting into my car early evening and started yelling at me - saying "tell your God to strike me down right here and now" long story short - it was very menacing & scary and could see the presence of evil - however, praise the Lord - a boldness came over me and the man was sent away with the name of JESUS ringing in his ears and life prophesied over him. 

Thursday 3 July (pm): now this really freaked me out!  Within yards of the bus stop outside my office a well-dressed, very good looking man - about 5'9, walks through the group of people around the stop - looking at me and walking towards me with intent - he has his arm outstretched with hand in a fist (the solidarity type greeting/fist bump) - jabbed it towards me as if I should respond with my fist (like a hi5). Not really being one to greet strange men on the street gave him a bit of lip - he squared off in front of me (not aggressively or scary) - still with the arm/fist out-stretched and instructed me to raise my arm and touch his hand ...... his eyes never left mine and he said, "you MUST do it".  I did - he nodded and walked off - jay walked (with purpose) through the traffic to cross the road and went out of sight. I am TOTALLY convinced that this man was/is an angel.  The interesting fact here is that when I worship and lift both hands - one is open and the other is fisted.

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