Tuesday, 22 February 2011

God's passion for HIS people

Thinking about Sunday night at Malham Christian Centre - digging deep to find the words to express how humbling, yet awesome, it is to know that you’ve been in the presence of the Father and that because of Christ Jesus His son, through a flow of worship, psalm singing, pictures and words, we had the privilege of touching HIS heart with a enduring sense of the eternal pulse beating in each of us present.

What comes to mind about last night is the word convergence – a meeting point of all senses, intellect, past prophetic utterances, desires of the heart - fuelled by unity of worship and bathed in the cry of the heart that cried out “SUCH LOVE”

Monday, 21 February 2011

Ensure your lamps are full of oil

Word: There is a jar of oil with your name on it!
(the message of new oil and keeping lamps full has been given twice at Malham Centre - by two different people at different times)

The word relates to a dream from July 2008 and it is a call to ensure that our lamps are full of oil. We are to be proactive about filling our lamps so that they can be lit by the fire of Holy Spirit. It is time to seek the Lord and as we pray and seek Him, there is a store of oil that has been prepared for individual anointing and we now have access to it. 
Matthew 25: 1 to 13 (The Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins)

The dream came at the tail end of nearly 8 weeks of a call to pray - the oil that will be poured out is a fresh revelation of Christ. The perfume of Christ will increase until the place of worship is filled with His presence and the vessels that are prepared will receive their own individual perfume - this will be the anointing that is to be carried onto the "streets" - i.e. out of the church. Perfume can only become oil once it’s been pressed and steamed - it also means the death of the source plant. “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain”. Php 1:21


Wednesday, 16 February 2011



It is time to wake up; the alarm is ringing and it is time to come out from the comfort the spiritual duvet. It is time to wake up and get to the task. Some have been seduced into comfort zones but the Holy Spirit will enable you to hear the alarm and to arise from that place of sleep. The serpents’ head is crushed and there is victory in personal and corporate situations.


WHY? (Ecclesiastes 11:1 to 8) It is time to cast your bread on the waters;

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Unity and cohesion (New vision for London, Metro newspaper 19th January 2011)

Last week the London Metro newspaper had a front cover with the words "A new vision for London" with pictures of the pods on the London Eye. The London Eye has changed ownership, been revamped and open for business again.  

This brought to mind an experience in 2006 where the London Eye featured as a model for the church in London. With a powerful visitation from the Father directly after Pentecost I was stirred to read the story of Hezekiah and the re-opening of the temple.