Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Treasure to be found

On Monday (12/12/2011) evening I had a spontaneous vision of the Kimberley diamond mine which was closed around 1902 (picture right) and as the sun moved across the hole I could see in the depths the glitter of diamonds deep below the surface - diamonds that had been buried and never brought to the surface. The word in my spirit was plumb the depths, plumb the depths. The vision then changed to a very steep and dark vertical tunnel and looking up into the sunlight at the entrance a man started to climb down; he was going to the depths to uncover/recover the diamonds.

Message (individual): We are seeing the ushering in of a season of recovery - recovery and bringing to the surface of those spiritual treasures that are sown into our DNA/fellowships/networks and which will be used for saving souls. This has to work in conjunction with plumbing the depths of scripture with Christ at the centre - making this our breastplate. It may well be a lonely, uncomfortable place to move into - but God is with us to explore the deep recesses of our souls. Christ's light will shine to navigate the way and help is already on the way - signposts on how to access this treasure will start to appear; so will opportunities prsent themselves to take hold of them and apply to everyday life.
Message (At a local level): This reflects that the covered wells are now open, the water is filling up and as we focus on Jesus and make HIM central to our message we will start to see the treasure of souls we are longing for - this is awesome as it is far wider, deeper and bigger than we expect!!


Note:  Kimberly mine was an open cast mine and yeileded some of the biggest gems globally - one of which sits in HRM crown.  It's also interesting to note that the modern "Kimberly process" is a global initiative to ensure that "blood diamonds" don't enter the supply chains - these are diamonds that are sourced/mined from conflict areas and where profits are used to fuel the arms trade and war. 

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