Monday, 16 July 2007

River of life: watershed

I had a  vision during our house-group meeting and saw the river of life starting to flow.  The vision had me high up in the mountains at the 'watershed' where the water starts to flow out of the rock.  I was very high up and could see this amazing vista of rugged snow topped mountains  .... the flow at first was a small crystal clear stream and I could see that it was starting to move down into the valley below.  The valley was devoid of any vegetation - only shale and rocks - but as the stream flowed into the valley - it started to broaden and spread into a river.  I moved down the valley and stood near the water and a rider brought his horse to drink at the river edge - I did not see the rider - but the horse was huge and had a reddish, tasselled covering on it (similar to that of the knights - but this was more eastern/Persian in nature).

The other thing the Lord has led me to in my time with Him is the thing about seven's - at first it was Leviticus 8 (the preparation of the priest) with the final verses saying that they are to remain for 7 days before they get to do the priestly things.  This past weekend - heard two sermons (literally from different places on the planet) about the 7 of Elijah (servant looking for the cloud) and the 7 of Naaman (dipped in river for leprosy)