Tuesday, 1 August 2006

The bride

The words I have had recently have all been for me personally and I've felt that Lord has had me in finishing school - He's been correcting me in areas of tithe, consistence, appearance, attitudes and showing me how to bring His order into my life and he gave me a vision about my eldest son that has brought about a very deep emotional healing (for both of us).  He's been bringing me into a new sense of compassion & passion for souls.

I had such a stirring in my heart yesterday lunch time and went into my 'prayer room' here at work - I just lay on the couch and started to pray - I sensed such a presence in the room with me and I actually felt that someone had come in to the room - but could not 'see' anything or did not hear anything from the Lord - but had a deep sense of peace.

Last night I went before the Lord with such expectation and also with a heart seeking guidance about a word that was spoken over me a couple of months ago by the Director of YWAM when he spoke at our church (he saw that my hands were drenched in healing oil and that I must lay hands on people for healing - he also said that with the physical healing God will use this to bring about inner healing).  In the last couple of days I've been sensing that I have to start doing this and I brought this before the Lord - with two specific people in mind.

After a time of worship and prayer I saw a bride coming out of a church door (English garden picture card type church) - she was radiant, young and beautiful - she had flowers in her hair - was dressed in a simple white gown.  I knew she had just been married - but only she came out of the church - no groom or bridal party.  After twirling in front of the church door - she walked (more skipped) down a dappled  forest lane (this sounds like Bambi!) and came to a crystal clear pool of water in the cleft of a rock and plunged into the water and whilst swimming she laughed and her happiness/peace were almost tangible.

The scene changed to a preacher on a HUGE platform - the strange thing is that the preacher was on his knees weeping.  The lights on the platform were so bright and I only sensed that the audience was vast.

The vision ended there - but remarkably I started praying and worshipping just after 11pm and when I next looked up it was 01:30.

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