Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Poinsettia dream: MY times are NOT yours

The Dream started in my home - a couple of people had gathered to celebrate passover - we were praying but I decided to leave the house and go to a friends house as I had heard that they were also celebrating.  My friend opened the door for me and in welcome said "happy Pesach" - I handed her a gift of a potted poinsettia in full bloom and as I walked through the door - we both laughed as poinsettia's are associated with Christmas.

My friend pointed me towards the lounge area and said that there were 20 to 30 people in the lounge waiting to celebrate Pesach - as I peeped into the lounge I could hear people chatting but I saw in front of me a fax machine - It caught my attention as reams of paper was pouring out of it with a message that had been received - the paper was everywhere.  The machine held my attention.

I woke up at this point - turned to my clock at it was 7:07 am and today is also the 7th.

Thinking it through

My friend = Is has Jewish connections and led me to look at the Jewish calendar & celebrations.
  • Day 7 of the 7th week of Counting the Omer is the final day between Passover and Shavuot which is the giving of the law of Moses to the Hebrews - the time when they entered into the covenant with God.
  • "This holiday is likened to our wedding day -- beneath the wedding canopy of Mount Sinai , G‑d betrothed us to Him. G‑d swore eternal devotion to us, and we in turn pledged everlasting loyalty to Him." (taken from
  • Shavuot is also the celebration of the wheat harvest and the ripening of the first fruits, which is the reason for the other two biblical names for this holiday: 1) "Yom Habikurim" or the "Day of the First Fruits." 2) "Chag HaKatzir," the "Harvest Festival."
  • We would know this as Pentecost - The Hebrew celebration is due 8 to 10 June 2008
  • I had a similar word last year about the first harvest of the Hebrews when they had settled in their new land.

Numbers in the dream and on waking
  • 7's = perfection, wholeness of God, completeness, finished worked
  • 20 = Holy; redemption. (Ex. 30: 12-14; Rev. 4: 4)
  • 30 = Beginning of ministry; maturity for ministry; blood of Christ. (Luke 3:23; Gen.41: 16; Num.4:3)

Poinsettia = associated with Christmas - therefore birth of Christ
  • Christ was the word who lived/lives with us
  • He gave His life - thereby establishing the new covenant between God and mankind.
  • Represents celebration
  • Living plant
  • "During the 17th century, Franciscan priests in Mexico began to use the flower in nativity processions because of its brilliant colour and holiday bloom, A favourite flower in many countries with its beautiful red, star-shaped flower. It is called the "Flame Leaf" in Central America or "Flower of the Holy Night" (The poinsettia legend) The flower is associated with miracles."
Fax machine
  • point where messages are received
  • don't see the sender
  • It can be switched off and thus not receiving !!
  • Joy

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