Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Consolidation and preparation

Over the last couple of weeks I've been pondering about the new season for our church - this in view of us entering into the final days of the word spoken over us last year - in my spirit I've had this impression that we are 'between places' spiritually  - I do believe that the three visions I had are Gods intention (release of the Spirit of truth to dismantle anything that is not of God and to bring about the harvest) - but what's been bothering me is the time between then and now - i.e. what are we as believers meant to be doing!  The words 'prepare ye the way of the Lord' keeps resounding in my head.

Yesterday I was woken up at 2:21 am with a sense that God was telling me to pay attention - that something was about to be released.  What has been stirring in my spirit is that this season (and I also sense it will be a short season) is one of consolidation and preparation.

Consolidation - to build an alter of sacrificial praise and worship (to take ownership through Christ) of the fields that have been ploughed, the seeds that have been sown and the wells that have been dug in this preceding season - also to consolidate the gifts of individuals within our church that have 'risen' in this season.  Its almost as if we have to post guards to protect the fields, seeds and wells.

Preparation - on the one hand its about understanding the covenant God has made with us as this defines who we are in Christ - this is the foundation of our inheritance and authority as believers and on the other hand to prepare the tools (armoury) for battle.  These are the spiritual tools of worship, intercession, discernment, fasting, prayer and then the 'clothing & accessories' of breastplate, helmet, shield and sword.

I've been doing a 'bit' study of Esther - she had quite a bit of time of indulgent preparation in the palace precinct, then three days of prayer and fasting before she made her first brave move - then her first dinner - and then her second dinner and her moment of destiny - which as we know has lasted since then.

On a very practical note - I do sense that we have to prepare our hearts and structures to receive, equip and educate new believers in Christ.