Sunday, 16 May 2010

Fullness of time: count down has started

We are stepping into the beginning of the fullness of time - this week is the start of the new season/era. The time of striving has ceased and the Father has reminded me that the battle is HIS, but we are called to watch with expectant hearts as HE starts to move - everything is ready and we His people are to be on the wall watching and waiting with eyes, ears and hearts ready to recieve ....... a very specific call to the "watchmen/women on the walls"
Last Monday the Father spoke to me about 7 days - that on the 7th day (tomorrow), there will be a significant shift in the spiritual dimension with a personal word about clarification of destiny & future.  Throughout the week there have been reminders about the importance of 7 - even a random trip to the shop resulted in a bill of £7.77   (the shop keeper remarked at this number - that it was auspicious and suggested that I buy a lottery ticket)

On Thursday evening ...... I saw the water we have been waiting for starting to flow.
However - as I've been pottering around the kitchen this evening - my spirit kept rejoicing and praising God for what HE is doing and at one point I heard the rumble of thunder ..... a deep rolling sound that almost felt like a physical vibration ....... it was so real, I looked out my kitchen window expecting to see lightning but there was nothing in the physical - this was heavenly rumblings.

 I started to petition the Father - asking HIM to send a battalion of angels to war on our behalf over this area and in my spirit I heard the Lord say ..... they are already here and that the battle belongs to HIM (AMEN)

Even as I type this - I keep hearing in my spirit - "the count-down has started". We all know that the battle will intensify - but stand strong, stand firm - our God is at hand and HE has heard our cry. Be blessed and encouraged - we serve an AWESOME God!


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