Friday, 2 July 2010

Heave Ho and Time to get out the boat!

At the prayer meeting last night at H4G two things words came through 1) Obedience and 2) it's time to get out of the boat!  (Keith & Elizabeth respectively) also during this time the Father showed me three things in the Spirit:
  1. A covered bridge over a river that led to a meadow - in the meadow was a cobbled path which was covered in blood - the path ended at a gushing fountain.
    • The way is safe and now open for us to cross and posses the land totally, the blood of Christ has prepared/paved the way - directly to the source of living water.
  2. Succulent large bunch of grapes - then panned out to see the vineyard - all tresses/vines laden with fruit.
    • At first I thought this represented the harvest BUT the Father has shown me that this is HIS vineyard that we are now part of and that the fruit, vineyard etc all relate to HIS provision, protection, care, maintenance, feeding etc - this is for us to "taste and see that the Lord is good" and that He is bountiful and we are invited to partake and be blessed.  The dry, fruitless time is over.
  3. I saw myself doing a Bruce Lee high kick - flying through the air to kick at a stone wall and then putting my shoulder to the wall.  In my spirit I heard the words "heave-ho; one last PUSH" and the wall fell.
  • email of 23 April refers (brick wall) - just one last PUSH and this wall will fall - this is the wall in the tunnel between the pool of Siloam and the well of Gihon.  This is the wall that's been holding the water back.
  • I get the sense that this PUSH is actually the breath of God.

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