Monday, 18 January 2010

An open field ready for battle

Article, used with permission, by Bee James (Hermanus, South Africa)

Upon asking the Lord for a word for 2010 – He showed me a field and the words “the playing fields are open, equipped, and ready for battle”.  When I awoke from the vision I could not make up my mind whether it was playing fields or killing fields. Nevertheless it was a field, an open field ready for battle – whether a game or a war the same outcome was expected – who wins?

Sunday, 10 January 2010

The waiting is over

It’s so easy to rely on others to hear from God and perhaps we feel that they are cleverer than we are or that they are super spiritual in one way or another - often framed in “church” language they seem to say it just right and articulate what they hear from the Father in a clever way. I believe that God speaks to everyone who will listen.

I digress: Today - we listened and we heard (a motley crowd who gather as a community church is SE London):

Saturday, 2 January 2010

It has started

2010 ..... I have been waiting excitedly for this year (decade) to start.  This is going to be an amazing year - it's hard to explain - but you see it's ALL new;  it's as if a clean canvas has been laid out, the paints and brushes are all ready. The painter has already got the picture in HIS heart - waiting for us to focus on this new canvas.  The brilliant thing is that the picture will be interactive - meaning that we get to participate and become one with the master painter to bring HIS thoughts and creation to the blank canvas.

This may all sound rather corney ..... but lets see how this shapes up over the next few months.