Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The burning cross – adjust your gaze

Season of change, reshaping vision and release of destiny
As the proverbial clock struck midnight (2013/14) and sitting quietly with the Father I had a picture of a single cross on top of a hill. It was empty with only a robe draped on the cross bar.  I had to tilt my head upward to look up at it and as I stared at the cross it started to burn BUT WAS NOT CONSUMED.
The cross is central to 2014 and where Christ is celebrated, lifted up and worshiped unreservedly a ring of fire will be created - with the glory of God within. I was reminded that as Calvary and Christ’s sacrifice separates us from the past - 2014 will be a complete departure from the past. It’s as if a line has been drawn in the sand of time.
With the burning cross I was prompted by Holy Spirit to meditate on Moses’s experience of the burning bush (Exodus 3) – he had an unexpected encounter with God as the I AM, the course of his life changed forever. This experience with God brought to an end his season of isolation with the release of his commission, future vision and promise.
From the recounting of the experience in Exodus chapter 3 we see:
  • Expect to hear, see and find God in the dry and mundane places of life,
  • Recognise that we will have to adjust our gaze and acknowledge that mere coincidence is actually God’s hand working in and for you,
  • Ascribe all good things to the LORD,
  • God KNOWS your name – respond when you hear HIM call,
  • He has heard the cries (and prayers) of HIS people and WILL act of our behalf to take possession of our inheritance in Christ Jesus.
This event in Moses' life changed the course of his life; he met the I AM, the vision for the future was revealed with the assurance that God was with and for him to ensure that the vision and commission  became reality.

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