Thursday, 15 May 2008

Battleships of prayer and intercession

A series of "battleship" pictures - first was in turbulent sea - sailors on deck doing a 21 gun salute - with the cry "fire the volley".  The second was two battleships in a harbour - clear day, many on-lookers and ships were flying their flags [one was Venezuela and the other South Africa ??]- very colourfil & festive

Started off over the ocean - was night time, sea was very turbulent and fog was swirling all around. CIRCUMSTANCES OF LIFE, SOCIAL AND POLITICAL SCENE ETC  
Out of the fog  CONFUSION AND UNCERTAINTY - almost as if pushing it's way through the fog was a battleship THOSE WAGING WAR WHILE ALL THE FOG IS GOING ON it was moving with great force POWER OF PRAYER AND INTERCESSION NORMAL AND PROPHETIC and the "wake" of the ship was in the fog. 
The battleship dipped below a huge wave and as it broke through the wave it had the statue of Liberty EXACTLY THAT – THE ANOINTING BREAKS THE YOKE – THE HOLY GHOST  as it's mast AGAIN THE ANOINTING BREAKS THE YOKE- again, it appeared as if this battleship was pushing the statue THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD WILL RAISE A STANDARD AGAINST HIM – THE HOLY GHOST ahead of it with great force and as it moved, the fog separated. WHERE THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS THERE IS LIBERTY  
The picture changed to an aerial view of the UK - bright, clear and sunny THE ENTERANCE OF THY WORD GIVETH LIGHT and it was being covered by the water THE WORD OF GOD stirred up by this battleship PRAYER AND INTERCESSION.


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