Thursday, 28 March 2013

Stand and withstand

This is the year of the "song of the redeemed" with very clear indicators that angels will be present where believers in Christ meet and gather.  They will be there to ensure that the will of God happens and to witness as we worship and give praise through our songs (testimony) of salvation.

They will be there to witness the ushering in of the lost.

Whilst there is a concerted focus on evangelism and reaching the unsaved there is also a deep need to ensure that believers in Christ, within fellowships & churches, are watered and fed to strengthen their faith to be able to stand and withstand the upheaval of the world in this coming season. Referring to the tongue and vision below, whilst the storms of life are raging (I also sense we will see physical manifestations of fire, wind and water) our ears must be attuned to the gentle whisper of the Father.

There is also a need for us to gather in those who are no longer in fellowship and work towards strengthening the walls of our faith. Like in the book of Ezra, God changed the heart of the nation whilst they built the walls. This ties in totally with the overarching promise from Ezekiel about the "new heart & Spirit within”

Tongue & vision: physical elements of fire, wind & rain with "Hear the word of the Lord" and then gentle elements of stream and then whispering wind with "Hear the word of the Lord".  The vision was horrible (really shook me) - but lying ahead is a period of deep pain & suffering for the world around us. Life as we know it will be turned upside-down.

The Lord in His mercy has shown that as we believe and in service to the world (our local communities, neighbours etc) the flow of His provision will be without end – the only restriction will be the restriction we place on ourselves, our resources and our thinking.

We must be ready to stand, withstand and rescue.

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