Saturday, 3 October 2009

Advance and sound the battle cry

3 October 2009: In the early hours of Saturday morning felt compelled to get before the Lord and whilst praying had a vision of a heavenly warrior.  He placed before me a huge shield - so big that it completely covered me.  I looked to my right and I saw a long line of similar warriors - each with their own huge shields - they were shuffling into position - shoulder to shoulder and as they came alongside each other their shields locked onto the shield next to them - in effect forming a solid wall of defense.

They started to move forward and I knew that they were here to take back land, extend boundaries and remove resistance (strongholds?).  This is an outpouring of the gift of faith - the type of which is solid and backed by heavenly power - these heavenly warriors have been prepared to move ahead of us and clear the way so that we can move ahead in freedom.

In my spirit I heard three things:
  • its time to advance
  • sound the battle cry

  • "don't look for me amongst the dead"  (I’ve grappled with the meaning of this but first thoughts are about new life and about dead churches where the trinity is ignored – see God at work on the streets, on estates, in business, sports fields etc ??)