Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Getting serious

I have had a flood of confirmation regarding the things I shared with you about Kenya and the preceding few weeks - the main part of this confirmation is that this is for the body of Christ and not just my own walk/journey - in summary:

12 November: "Sound the battle cry"; Vision of trumpeters - heralding in the new season

18 November: (Pslm 24): The gates are open, Look up and prepare the way of the Lord.

23 November: (Joshua 3): Time to posses the land, The waters are parted, The season of the first fruits is here.

26 November: New Era - real time picture of flying horses that replicated a prayer vision from about 4 weeks ago.

29 November: The KEY to unlock the gate is handed down (A), Unlock the gates (Bev), buried seed (Brenda), Stir the birth waters (Bev)

A number of the above also confirm a few dreams that I've had over the last few years.
WITHOUT A DOUBT ....... it is now time to prepare to take possession of the land (Joshua 3).  The 40 year period is over and in the spiritual realm the NEW ERA has begun.  I have also noticed a "speeding up" of things .... best we get ready to pack and go.  In relation to a dream (evacuation dream about 4 years ago) - the two key elements to carry are the Word of God and the water of Holy Spirit.

The message that's been laid on my heart is that going into the new year "we have got to get serious" and make a conscious commitment to seeking God's face in our collective worship activities.  If we pack the meetings with activity - there is not much space for God.

The Lord bless thee and keep thee;
The Lord make his face shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee
The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee and give thee peace- Numbers 6:24-26


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