Monday, 14 September 2009

Small things that count

My dream, on Saturday night, was about my "grow bag" in the garden - in the spring I'd planted two sweet pepper plants and one chillie plant - they both look the same and I'd been in the garden on Saturday looking at them - cause I could not figure out which one was which.  In the dream I was looking at this grow bag and all three plants were full of fruit and I could easily see which was sweet pepper and which was the chillie - I started to laugh as I could sense God's sense of humour in this - and He asked me to look carefully at them and asked me what I saw: 
  •  When He plants something HE knows what the outcome will be.
  • All three plants are pepper based and are used for flavour - to add to what is already there, they have the same function - however;
  • The smaller chillie fruit has more power in it - greater impact than that of the larger sweet pepper.  Even the tiny seeds inside the chillie carry the fire/flavour
  • It's the small things that count - only one small chillie is needed to flavour an entire meal. 

  • Joy

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