Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Living on the edge and getting our house in order

8 September 2009: We have to get our house in order for the season that is nearly upon us. (Various visions/dreams below)  We have to ensure that all aspects of finance, church governance, plans, pastoral care etc are in place - in such a manner that it can expand and grow - to prepare for the future in faith. Wealth, talents, gifting & knowledge must be "indexed" and available for use for the Kingdom. The impact of what will happen at FHCC will influence and impact believers (churches) across London and beyond.  If we agree and work in co-operation with Holy Spirit, this work will be swift with a smooth transition.  The work of the Holy Spirit will be deep and powerful.

The caveat!  W
e will be expected to live on the edge - totally out of our comfort zone.  This is not a comfortable place for many and will feel strange.  BUT - God has promised to be with us always and if we move to that cliff edge we will know the fullness of God's plan for us. 

13th August 2009: As I closed my eyes to go to sleep (so still awake) - I nearly jumped out of my skin as a horse head was directly in front of me and he was looking directly into my eyes - he moved away and indicated that I was to follow him.  He was very large and a reddish black colour and in my spirit I knew he was a horse of war - however, I felt no fear and had a deep sense of peace as I followed.  He moved from a place of green, lush growth and into an area that was almost desert like and he took me to something like the cliffs of Dover - we stood at the precipice - the ridge ran for as far as the eye could see and there was nothing below. With him there I felt safe and knew that it was safe to move along the edge and in fact spend time there. I sat up at this point (wide awake).  I have to add that this horse has appeared in a number of visions (not dreams) ......... and it was he who showed me the spiritual well that I've gone on about for a while.  

Three weeks ago: Watch the wind, the more intense the wind, the more radical the change  - this will usher in change and the new season (Personal reference: Balsam trees with King David)

Two weeks ago: two dreams over two consecutive nights.
  1. Mansion House:  I saw myself all dressed up (formal evening wear -  ornate, glittering almost - dripping in diamonds) and a chauffeur driven limo pulled up outside the house - the driver was shouting to hurry as he was here to take me to the mansion - the mansion house and everyone was waiting for us!  I called to the boys to hurry as we were expected and everything was ready for us to go.
    1. Mansion House is the house of God and speaks of governance, power and finance.  Very corporate in nature with sphere of influence across London & country as a whole!
    2. Pre planned and full of the radiance of God (treasure chest of heaven) - sense of reward.
    3. Car = journey in the physical - large, swift and smooth
    4. Driver - formal, trained - bearer of good news
  1. Luxury cruise liner:  A team of us were boarding a luxury liner and we were on our way to attend an event across the ocean.  I was taken to a premier suite - large and rather ornate - I knew that I had to ensure that all the resources for the trip had to be put in order and packed away properly so that they were easy to find & use when they were needed.  Once I had done this, I joined the main group and we settled in for the cruise.
    1. Ship = journey that is in the physical, but relates to things of God - spiritual aspects.  Corporate & organised.
    2. Ocean = water - of the Spirit.  Deep, powerful with motion (alive, not stagnant) - expanse/scope.  Salt = cleansing, flavour
    3. Group = collective, single minded and unified in vision
    4. Team resources = gifting, wealth, knowledge, talents
    5. Cruise = pleasant, fun
Paul Glenny's preach: building blocks and living stones
  1. Gods church is built with a plan (scripture - but also localised vision etc)
  2. The local foreman has to know who has the skill/talents to participate in the building  (contractors & sub-contractors - craftsmen & women)
  3. Living stones have a purpose in the overall construction

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