Thursday, 6 May 2010

New house being prepared

Woke up at 1:25 from dream: The boys and I had been called to go to the "corner" house as the old lady who had lived there had died - we got to the house (very close to our own) and we took a tour of the house - removers were in clearing the house and taking out all the personal effects/furniture etc.  It was very dusty - curtains drawn and dust covers over all the goods - felt like no-one had been in the house for years - but a bit musty - like it had not been aired for many years.

It was three stories high - with a semi circular set of red stairs leading from the street to a veranda with a large front door.  There was no boundary fence in the front - but was edged by shrubs.

I was in the entrance hall (which was large and spacious) - seemed to be open plan - leading into the lounge - there was quite a buzz/hive of activity in the clean-up operation - but with everything being removed - very spacious - large windows -  with loft rooms and all the floors were beautifully kept parquet flooring.

Nigel D arrived and he had with him a large garden/hessian bag full of cash money.  He said that he had spoken to the deceased lady's son and the authorities and they had said that I could have the property - he said that no-one really cared about the house.

He handed over the bag to me and said that this was money that had been set aside and that I could have it to revamp the house - buy whatever was needed and that perhaps I could run it as a bed & breakfast because it was large enough and secondly because it was so well positioned with access to transport in and out of London.  He said I would be free to do what I liked with the money, the property and any business I chose to develop.  I went back home quite excited - I looked at the money in the bag - trying to figure out how much it was - noticed that the money was bundled into parcels - wrapped in newspaper.  I started to count the parcels of money in the bag.

I woke up at this point - thanked the Lord for the dream and went back to sleep.

At 5:45 woke up again having dreamt again about this house.  I was back at our place and telling my mom about the house/money/idea and a friend came to visit (I don't recall who) ........ but as we were talking I told this friend that I thought she would be ideal for running the B&B for me and that as she had no current job and was looking for somewhere to live, this would be the ideal solution - I very clearly said that the loft room could be hers and that she could move in immediately.

I woke up!


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