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Unity and cohesion (New vision for London, Metro newspaper 19th January 2011)

Last week the London Metro newspaper had a front cover with the words "A new vision for London" with pictures of the pods on the London Eye. The London Eye has changed ownership, been revamped and open for business again.  

This brought to mind an experience in 2006 where the London Eye featured as a model for the church in London. With a powerful visitation from the Father directly after Pentecost I was stirred to read the story of Hezekiah and the re-opening of the temple. 
I had such an overwhelming sense of God’s presence that for a number of days after, His presence was tangible. The following day – still with this overwhelming sense of God’s presence - I was praying near the Southbank, in view of the London Eye, and once again overcome with His presence - I sensed God telling me to look at the London Eye and as I looked at it God laid on my heart that the "church" (as in the body of Christ) in London needs to become like the London Eye.  With this I kept hearing "I will draw all men to me and I will be lifted high among the nation"

God kept pointing me to the actual structure of the London Eye and in point form this is what was laid on my heart:

The strong arms/spokes stretching:
Imbedded in the centre "cog" and it is the "cog" that keeps the entire structure moving with perfect timing.  The arms create the balance and keep the structure steady.  The arms are very thick. God is the "cog" and that when we are embedded in Him,- He will give us balance, keep us steady - but more importantly we will keep moving in His time.  There was a sense of inward movement toward the 'cog' - a drawing in toward the centre.

The capsules (pods):
They are all exactly the same shape and size and positioned (clamped/docked) on a circular frame that is attached to the arms (spokes).  They have an equal distance between them and depending on where they are on their rotation they have different views of London.  What makes each capsule unique are the people and activity inside them. The capsules represent groups of believers/churches - as groups, due to the Spirit of God, they will all appear the same (unified spirit) - the individuals within the group/church will bring out the uniqueness depending on their gifts, talents and calling.  Each group/church will bring ministry and serve wherever they are on their rotation and position.  The circular frame is the framework that God already has in place - each capsule (church/group) will be brought into its 'docked' position through the move of the Holy Spirit.  It's also useful to note that the pods are quite small yet form part of a huge cohesive structure - perhaps this is a reflection of the importance of smaller, yet effective churches, working together as opposed to "mega church"

The actual overall structure:
One part of the structure cannot work or be separated from another part - they are all interlinked, held together and work together to create something that attracts people to it.  As presented - it is seen as "one" - not as individual parts.  What struck me is that the Eye does not "appear" to move - when you look closely you see the movement - not just as a whole - but within each capsule there is activity. This is how the body of believers (church) should be seen - the groups/churches unified and embedded in Christ and represented as such to London.  The beauty of the whole body of Christ  will attract people to it. The strength of the structure is due to it's "oneness" It is also significant that the LE attracts and is visited by people from every part of the world (walking past you hear and see a reflection of the diversity of this planet)  - it's almost as if the world comes to us!   1 Corinthians 12 (New KJV) verses 12 to 26 (Unity & diversity in One body)

The position & size of the eye:
The Eye stands out above everything in London - it overlooks the Thames, Parliament and Whitehall.   If believers (and churches) stand together in unity with Christ at the centre, each serving where they are placed, Christ will be lifted up.  When unified in Spirit and embedded in Christ we will have an impact in and on the city.  Our strength and ability to bring about change to our communities is rooted in unity and cohesion.

As water flows into the Thames and carries goods and people up and down the river - I believe what God is doing/going to do in London, if we have unity of vision – will flow into all areas/parts of the world that goes hand in hand with the UK’s sphere of influence. 

The one striking feature of the LE is that it is ‘new’ as opposed to all the other significant buildings in that area that are decidedly old and in many ways represent the current establishment.


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