Wednesday, 12 January 2011

DON'T GIVE UP: Story of Terah


Word about Terah (Genesis 11 v 31) Terah was called to the land of Canaan but he never got there because he stopped half way – we are called to go all the way with and for God, not to get comfortable with where we are at, but to continue to push forward and into all God has promised us. Is it possible that the covenant promises given to Abram could have been given to Terah had he pressed on? If so:

  • Tongue interpretation: Come near beloved, come near – step out and toward me, come near beloved, come near.  Press in or miss out be obedient to God, or he'll find another who is!

Step out in faith and see how God’s economy works, when we stop half way in what God has planned for us and remain in our comfort zone - stopping half way cuts off the blessing/provision that God has in store for us.

The Lord blessed us with a scripture about renewal from Isaiah 61, which explains in detail the “Year of the Lord’s favour”