Tuesday, 22 February 2011

God's passion for HIS people

Thinking about Sunday night at Malham Christian Centre - digging deep to find the words to express how humbling, yet awesome, it is to know that you’ve been in the presence of the Father and that because of Christ Jesus His son, through a flow of worship, psalm singing, pictures and words, we had the privilege of touching HIS heart with a enduring sense of the eternal pulse beating in each of us present.

What comes to mind about last night is the word convergence – a meeting point of all senses, intellect, past prophetic utterances, desires of the heart - fuelled by unity of worship and bathed in the cry of the heart that cried out “SUCH LOVE”

Psalm 29, the spoken word and prayer, expressed the great expanse and transcendence of who God is and what the heart of God is for each of us, were shared and by capturing them here, I believe you too will be blessed, encouraged and strengthened in your faith.

God’s passion: (Picture given to Nick) I saw a heart, although it also brought
to mind dry ground. I saw rivulets of water starting to run over the heart. It's hard to explain but there was such an insistence, such a passion about the water as it ran, and it ran over the heart, not dripping off but remaining in touch with the heart, touching it closely.

It seemed to me this was the passion of the Holy Spirit, God's love for each of us, for each person. And the water was obviously reaching hearts, or dry land. We might feel we don't deserve his love, but God's passion leads him to send his water, his refreshing, he longs to refresh us. Our part isn't to be something we're not, but to receive that.

God’s availability: Interpretation to a given tongue was two-fold; one being that God is far closer than we realise; the veil between Him and us is almost an illusion that can be accessed by all because of Christ’s sacrifice and that secondly – the eternal call of the Father to come into His presence.

God’s challenge: Are we, collectively, going to be a Jerusalem or Antioch type church (body of believers) …… are we prepared for the paradigm shift and will we respond to the great commission? The choice is ours!


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