Tuesday, 8 May 2012

On solid rock we stand

On 25 September 2008 I received a wonderful "moving picture" from the Lord which speaks to me of Gods strength, power, divinity and eternalness in this season.  God is unchangeable - as He was in  the beginning - so He is now and that we, as believers in Jesus His son, have the solid rock of His promises and love to depend on, when everything around us is shifting and shaking.

The picture  - At first a HUGE snow topped mountain came into view - in my spirit I knew that this mountain was made of granite and it rose majestically into the sky - it was ancient.  The picture then changed to a desert - sand dunes for as far as the eye could see and high, strong winds were blowing, with dunes being moved from one end of the desert to the other with great speed - through the haze of sand, the granite mountain came back into focus and was not moved by the sand - the wind & sand was blowing all around it - but the mountain stood majestic and strong - I knew in my spirit that it was also a place of safety - a place to run to when the storm got too strong.

Be blessed and encouraged - the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the solid rock on which we stand and He is our strong tower of strength - our refuge in times of trouble.


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