Friday, 10 June 2011

Garden of responsibility: ALL are needed

The Lord showed me a well kept lawn area which was part of a larger garden - there appeared to be preparation going on, tables being put out and kids playing around.  At the end of this lawned area there was a pathway leading to another part of the garden - the area was walled and was laid out with raised planter boxes with people tending veggie's etc and chatting. As I walked around it became apparent that each box had a different soil type and the plants growing were suited to that soil type and that each plant/veg/fruit type had a person responsible for that particular plant/veg/fruit etc.

What struck me is that the "responsible person" was an expert on their area of responsibility and in the vision these experts were sharing information and giving advice to each other with passion and enthusiasm.

I sensed that the head gardener had come into the walled area and he was saying that the meal was nearly ready and could everyone bring to the table what had been grown - he emphasized that to ensure the success of the meal - every part of the garden had something to contribute - in fact it was the diversity of the "fruit of garden" that would make the meal - every element (herbs, greens, legumes, fruit etc etc) was needed.


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